The beginning of the development of research on the hydrogeology of Kharkiv University is associated with the activities of its founder – Vasyl Karazin, in whose writings we find notes on the Geology and hydrogeology of Kharkiv. So, in 1817 he published work “a Statistical overview of the Ukrainian Slobozhanshchyna (Kharkiv) province”, “statistical review of the Ukrainian Slobozhanshchyna (Kharkiv) province, where a brief description of the geological structure of the territory, made a survey of the wells with drinking water in several counties of the province. Rsens studies of hydrogeology of Kharkiv University 1850-1860 beginning with years that are associated with the activities of professors N. Borysiak, I. Levakivskiy, and from 1870 a Professor A. Gurov. Under the guidance of Professor A. Gurov in 1886 was drilled deep parametric well, this well marked the beginning of artesania water supply of Kharkiv, Poltava, Sumy and other cities. In the period 1918-1933 years at Kharkiv University published significant number of papers in hydrogeology. In Particular, A. Fedorovskiy published the «Catalogue of wells Kharkov and its environs». In 1932-1933 in Kharkiv University worked with Professor K. Lisitsyn, who studied the geological structure and hydrogeological conditions of the Donets basin. He also pioneered the development of engineering Geology in the University of Kharkov. Thanks to the work of professors M. Krishtafovich, K. ILisitsyn, and G. Virgikovki at the University, a new direction: geotechnical investigations, solve problems of hydraulic engineering, municipal, transportation and other types of construction.

    At the same time, the faculty began teaching hydrogeology as a separate course. In the 1934-1935 academic year at the University of Kharkov was opened the Department of hydrogeology and engineering Geology. With the opening of the Department of hydrogeological studies have received a systematic and purposeful character.

   The first head of the Department of hydrogeology from 1934 to 1937 was Professor R. Virgikovki, who was wrongly arrested and died in 1937 April 1937 to 1947, the Department of hydrogeology was headed by associate Professor A. Taran. At this time the Department has carried out a large amount of work for the hydrogeological study of the Great problems of Donbass, the Seversky Donets, the justification of the dam construction on the river, Saksagan, Ingulets, small rivers Kharkiv, as well as the work on the grounds of construction in the cities of Kharkov, Poltava, Donetsk, Kremenchug, Krivoy Rog, Sumy, Lugansk, Slovyansk, Artemivsk and other.

   From 1947 to 1965 he headed the Department of hydrogeology associate Professor G. Zakharchenko. The Department has updated and added new staff (associate professors A. Makarenko, G. Velickiy, K. Kanskiy, V. Sinitsky, I. Sukno, V. Martynenko, V. Panfilov, etc.)

   During this period performed extensive research, among which the following should be noted: “Hydrogeology of Kryvyi Rih in connection with hydraulic engineering”, “Hydrogeological studies and projects of Kakhovka reservoir on the Dnieper” hydrogeological studies and Pecheneg Krasnooskolskoye reservoirs, geological conditions Lebedinsky iron ore deposits of KMA, hydrogeology of the upper hydrogeological floor of the Dnieper-Donetsk artesian basin, and others.

   From 1965 to 1970 he headed the Department of hydrogeology associate Professor A. Makarenko. He performed fundamental research on the hydrogeology of the area the construction of hydroelectric Kakhovka for the first time predicted the possibility of the complex of the negative phenomena, in particular, flooding of lands in connection with the violation of the natural groundwater regime under the influence of hydraulic engineering. This forecast is eventually confirmed. From 1970 to 1984 the Department of hydrogeology was headed by Professor G. Malewanuy The Department has added new staff (associate professors. A. Tereshchenko, and Yu. Kormiletc, A. Bubley, K. Nemetc, V. Dvorovenko, F. Chomco). In 1981, the Department had initiated a study aquifer and the water capacity due to groundwater crafts Urengoy gas condensate field and Novy Urengoi in the Tyumen region of Russia (led by research Professor G. Malevanuy and Professor. A. Tereshchenko, and subsequently associate Professor F. Chomco).

    During this period the employees of Department published more than 200 scientific works, among which the following should be noted::

  • Malowany, V. Piryatin “Method of least squares in hydrogeological studies” (1972)
  • Syhno “Chemical composition of groundwater Kaniv-buckstove aquifer South-Eastern part of the Dnieper-Donets basin” (1973);
  • Bubli “Natural resources of underground waters in the zone of intensive water exchange of the left Bank of Ukraine” (1977) and many other.

   From 1984 to 1986 the Department was headed by Professor K. Nemetc Between 1986 and 1995 he headed the Department of hydrogeology associate Professor. V. Tereshchenko. He was attracted to work at the Department of Professor. M. Voevodin and associate Professor. K. Reshetov and organized a branch of the Department of hydrogeology at the research Institute UkrshidDINTR. During this period to give lectures, guidance of diploma works and PhD students were involved in the staff of the Institute, experienced scientists with extensive experience in production: associate professors I. Abramov, V. Tabitha, V. Chunikhin, A. Zavalnyi, G. Strizhelchik. At this time, research continued on the intakes of the Urengoy gas condensate field and Novy Urengoy. The research Department it was found that in complex hydrogeological conditions it is possible to ensure stable operation of all underground water, including water intake Novy Urengoy with the consumption of 100,000 m3/day. The results of these studies are reflected in the monograph “the Impact of industrial facilities on the change of the regime and quality of groundwater in permafrost” (authors K. Reshetov, V. Chomko, V. Dvorovenko and others).

   Since 1991, the Department of hydrogeology from the beginning under the leadership of Professor V. Tereshchenko, and since 1997 under the guidance of Professor I. Reshetov executed theme of state budgetary research work on integrated use of groundwater Slobozhanshchyna and the North-East of Ukraine, and developed a program of phased transition to alternative drinking water supply through environmentally friendly underground sources. In addition, the direction of the Professor. M. Voevodin on the basis of the patterns discovered during the period of work in the far East and in other regions, proved the possibility of searching for new types of deposits for gold, tin and tungsten on the territory of Ukraine.

   From 1995 to 2011, the Department of hydrogeology again was headed by Professor K. Nemetc. During this period, Professor K. Nemetc, and F. Chomco engaged in mathematical modeling of hydrogeological processes. Associate Professor K. Nemetc develops mathematical models for use in environmental engineering, environmental management and educational activities. They developed a mathematical model of three phase filter implemented in Urengoygazdobuche” and the Ukrainian research Institute of natural gases.

   At the Department of hydrogeology Professor K. Reshetov began work on the formation of a new scientific direction – the transformation of subsurface hydrosphere in the conditions of technogenesis. In this direction it has conducted a detailed study on the example of small artesian basins of the North-West of Donbass. This issue is devoted to his monograph “Small artesian basins of the North-West of Donbass”. On the same subject, he defended his doctoral dissertation (1996).

   From 2011 to 2012 head of the Department was Professor K. Reshetov. Under his leadership defended their dissertations 8 graduate students, among them D. Chomko, M. Fesenko, V. Petik, V. Sokolov, I. Udalov, V. Pribylova and two foreigners. From January 2012 to August 2012 acting head of Department was associate Professor V. Chomko.

   From 2012 to 2014 he was head of the Department Professor A. Lurie.

   Since 2012, the Department of hydrogeology operates a Specialised academic Council of protection candidate theses on specialties: 04.00.06. “Hydrogeology” and 04.00.17. “Geology of oil and gas.” Over the years of operation of the dissertation Council of 7 PhD theses were defended:

  • Krivulya Sergey
  • Abelentsev Vladimir
  • Nemets Dmitro
  • Agres Nadiya 
  • Vasilenko Alexander 
  • Stebelskaya Galina
  • Amjadi Aziz (Iran)

   In 2013, the Department passed accreditation in the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and received a license for training bachelors in the direction 6.040103 Geology, 7.04010302 specialists in Geology and masters 8.04010302 “hydrogeology”. For masters accredited three specializations: “Protection of underground hydrosphere”, “Oil and gas hydrogeology” and “Engineering-geological protection areas”.

   In 2014, the Department held the scientific conference “Problems of hydrogeology at the present stage”. This conference was attended by more than 80 speakers.

   In 2015, the Department held the II scientific conference “Actual problems of hydrogeology”. This conference was attended by over 100 speakers. The results of these conferences were published the collections “conference proceedings”

   2014-present head of the Department is associate Professor I. Udalov

   Currently the Department has 3 professors (A. . Lurie, K. Nemetc, V. Tereshchenko), 4 associate professors (F. Chomko, I. Udalov, V. Pribylova,  V. Samoilov), senior teachers (V. Sukhov, V. Zhemerova, V. Sokolov), educational support staff (N. Ostapchuk, A. Samodashvili, D. Nosik, I. Tishchenko, A. Potapenko, A. Kononenko). In addition to lectures, leadership of diploma works and PhD students are also engaged experienced scientists: Professors G. Suyarko, Professor A. Kasimov, Professor G. Strizhelchik.

   The Department of hydrogeology for 81 years has trained more than 1700 highly qualified specialists in hydrogeology and engineering Geology who are working successfully in various sectors of the economy, education and science of Ukraine, SND and far abroad, among them candidates and doctors of Sciences, Winners of State prizes. The Department for the years of its existence, defended 2 doctoral and 45 master’s theses.

   During its existence the Department of hydrogeology of Kharkiv national University named after V.N. Karazin Kharkiv national University became a leading center for hydrogeological science on the Left Bank of Ukraine. In recent years the Department staff published hydrogeology: textbook B. Mandrik, D. Chomko, F. Chomco. “Hydrogeology”; textbooks approved by the Ministry of education and science: A. Bereznyakov, K. Nemetc, “Physics of the Earth”; D. Chomko, K. Reshetov, V. Chomko, G. Chomko. “Multivariate statistical analysis of hydrogeology”; I. Udalov, I. Reshetov. “Ecological-geological surveying and monitoring of the geological environment; G.Suyarko, K. Bezrukov. “Garagiola (Geochemistry of underground water)”; G.Suyarko, V. Sukhov. “Total oil and gas Geology”. Tutorials: V. Soloviev, I. Fuc, V. Pribylova «Environmental Geology»; V. Soloviev, V. Tereshchenko, I. Fuc, A. Yakovlev “Geology of oil and gas.”. Also, employees of the Department have published 3 monographs: M. Abelentcev, A. Lurie, L. Mishchenko “Geological conditions of extraction of residual reserves, and additional exploration of hydrocarbons deposits in North zone of the Dnieper-Donets depression”; V. Pribilova ” the Composition of drinking ground water in small towns of Kharkiv region”; V. Tereshchenko “Hydrogeological conditions of gas accumulation in the Dnieper-Donets basin”.