Teaching practice students

In the process of training students studying at the Department of hydrogeology, there is an annual practice in the chosen specialty. So after the first year of study, students go to practice, where they received the first practical skills on discipline “General Geology”.
After completion of their second year, students undergo practical training at the faculty database in Kamenka Izyum district. Here students are taught the skills of drilling , the methods of carrying out geophysical and hydrogeological studies, as well as the methods of geological survey.

After the third year of study students take the field practice on the specialty “hydrogeology”. Practice is held on the basis of the field of objects of hydrogeological and engineering-geological surveys of the Institute for enterprise”, UKRNDNTS” in Kharkiv and the surrounding area. Conditions of practice as close as possible to the production geological organizations, expeditions and parties.

During the internship, students must acquire practical experience in organizing and conducting various field hydrogeological and engineering-geological works and research.to master the exercises of studying and the description of outcrops;
to gain practical experience in the documentation of mine workings;
to master methods of selection of samples of rocks and excited Nepomuceno structure;
to gain experience in the field of hydrogeological and engineering-geological works (hand drilling of wells, poured in the pits, shear testing of soil);
to master the exercises of studying and the description of the sources of groundwater;
to master methods of selection and preservation of samples of groundwater and surface water;
to learn how to perform field hydrochemical research;
to gain experience in the field of hydrological studies of the river;
to learn the methods and techniques of post-processing of field materials hydrogeological and engineering-geological investigations;
to acquire experience in the preparation and the protection of hydro-geological reports;

Further during the passage of externship, these materials, supplemented by special studies become a basis for a master’s degree or specialist of Geology, specialty “hydrogeology”.