Hydrogeology (master)

Hydrogeology (master)

Code: 8.04010302

Area of knowledge: Natural Sciences


Hydrogeology – the science that studies groundwater, their origin and formation, the distribution terms, the laws of motion, properties and composition, as well as the possibility of their practical use in national economy. Hydrogeology, the object of study which is underground hydrosphere of the Earth, close interaction with all Sciences geological and hydrogeological cycle. Water is an integral and a very significant participant in physical-geographical, geochemical and geological processes, so hydrogeology is inseparably connected with all the Sciences of the geological cycle, as well as with all the Sciences that study the water in all the spheres of the Earth.

Oil and gas hydrogeology – the branch of hydrogeology dealing with the study of hydrogeological characteristics of oil and gas fields, the role of groundwater in the processes of generation, migration, accumulation, preservation and destruction of hydrocarbons, the basis of naftogazobudowa hydrogeological indicators, and the use of hydrogeological materials in the development of oil and gas fields. Hydrogeological materials are widely applied at carrying out of prospecting works on oil and gas. Determine the pathways of water in hydrocarbon deposits and the possibility of their prevention is a problem that is successfully solved Hydrogeologists.


Masters of these specializations can be employed:in geological organizations dealing with drinking water supply and exploration of mineral, thermal and industrial water


  • in geological and industrial organizations involved in the development and production of minerals;
  • in the oil and gas companies;
  • in research institutes and organizations dealing with environmental issues and environmental protection;
  • in project organizations that are engaged in engineering survey for the construction of residential, automotive and industrial facilities and the like.

Contact person: Dean of the faculty,

Professor Peresadko Vilina Anatoliivna

Phone: +380 (57) 707-55-74

Address: Main building,room 3-65

Level: master

Form of study: full-time, part-time

Qualification: master of hydrogeology

Duration of study: 2 years

Prerequisite: basic higher education

Tests: hydrogeology, foreign language

Depatment of geology, geography, recreation and tourism