DSC_0805Candidate of technical Sciences, senior lecturer of the Department of hydrogeology.

In 1975  he graduated from the Kharkov national University, geological-geographical faculty. Received specialty engineer – geologist, hydrogeologist. From September 1975 worked in the main Ukrainian scientific research University and production Institute for engineering – technical and ecological investigations (UkrNDIINTV). He held the posts of engineer – geologist, head of unit, chief specialist, head of Department, Director of the branch.

In the period from 2004 to 2015 was appointed Director of the Institute for enterprise “UkrNDIINTV”. In 2009. he defended his thesis and received naquvi degree of candidate of technical Sciences, specialty of environmental safety.

Courses: “Engineering hydrology”, “Technical reclamation of soils”.

Direction of scientific activity – environmental safety.

The author of over 40 scientific publications.

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