In the journal publishes articles that discuss problems of interaction between society and nature, rational use and protection of the natural environment. Collected research results in the fields of Geology, Geochemistry, hydrogeology, geography, ecology and socio-economic geography. The publication reflects the trends of modern studies of Earth Sciences, which are taught using the latest techniques: GIS, modelling, synergetic approach.

Now the Herald is one of the main specialized publications on this topic in the left-Bank Ukraine, provides the ability to print the results of research scientists of higher educational institutions not only in Kharkov, but also in other cities of Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Sumy, Khmelnitsky, Dnepropetrovsk, etc.), as well as scientists of near and far abroad. Constantly improving the scientific level of articles, an increasing number of publications in English, attracted foreign authors, editorial Board members and reviewers.

In early 2015, “the Bulletin” was included in international databases: Russian fan site base, ResearchBible, TIB/UB (German national library of science and technology, University Library Hannover), SBB (staatsbibliothek guests in Berlin), Ulrich and magazines Directory.

The University formed the geographical and geological research school, theoretical and methodological foundations of which were laid in the writings of the doctors of geographical Sciences, Professor L. M. Nemetc, K. A. Nemetc, S. V. Kostrikova and doctors of geological-mineralogical Sciences, Professor P. V. Zaritsky, V. G. Suyarko, I. V., Vysochanskii. All of them are members of the editorial Board as our newsletter and other publications of Ukraine and foreign Countries.

Collection of scientific papers intended for use in higher educational institutions, scientific institutions and experts in the field of Earth Sciences.

Professional edition with geographic and geological Sciences since 1999.

Periodicity — 2 times a year.


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