A form of training scientific-pedagogical staff at the Department of post-graduate courses:

– Postgraduate studies in 04.00.06 – “Hydrogeology”. The training is conducted by the state order and on contractual basis with a separation from production (3 years) and no job (4 years) forms.

Institute applicants with a degree 04.00.06 – “Hydrogeology”. Training without discontinuing work. The training period is set personally by the applicant.

Those wishing to attend graduate school should discuss in advance his candidacy in the interview with the future supervisor and the head of the Department, the results of which must be ordered place of learning in graduate school.


Indicative list of documents for admission to graduate school:

A statement addressed to the rector indicating the code and title of specialty.
Memo to the rector that writes a future scientific leader in the interview.
Personal form of accounting personnel (to assure at the place of work).
6×5 2 photos (passport size) and 2 photos 3×4.
Autobiography (detail).
Copies of diplomas (bachelor’s, master’s, specialist) (certified in notary office).
Copies of applications for certificates (assessments) (to assure at the notary’s office).
Extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Academic Council on recommendation to graduate school / deployed / – is provided in the year of graduation.
Extract from the minutes of the meeting of the appropriate Department approval of dissertation topic.
List of publications (if any).
F. 2.2. on passing candidate examinations (if any) and certificates of delivery of credits (if any).
Essay on thesis or publication.
The opinion of the supervisor for abstract / article /.
The application with the future place of work that after graduation the graduate student will be employed (the application should only be from a state institution).
A copy of the direction to work after graduation.
Medical certificate about state of health in form f. 286.
2 copies of the identification code.
2 copies of first page of the passport.
A copy of employment record (certified by the personnel Department at the previous place of work).
2 folders (1 folder, 2 ties), 10 envelopes, stationery.
Passport, diploma, transcripts (with grades) – added personally.

The documents are in the Ukrainian language.

Acceptance of documents 13-00 to 15-30 except Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Contact division of graduate studies henna: Svobody square 4, Kharkov, 61077, room: 3-70, tel: 707-55-68.

Head of Department: Kyrgosova Angelina