The main part of Ukrainian natural gas fields and oil are in the Eastern region of Ukraine Kharkiv, Poltava and Sumy regions. It produces up to 90% of hydrocarbons in our country. In this area, the largest industrial enterprises and scientific centers of oil and gas profile.
Currently most of the deposits of natural gas and oil operated in a mode of falling production, and this leads to active invasion into the reservoir formation water. The definition of the pathways of these waters in deposits of hydrocarbons, the rate of these processes and possibilities of their prevention is a problems that can successfully solve Hydrogeologists with a high level of knowledge in petroleum Geology. Hydrogeological materials are widely used in the exploration for oil and gas. Now a large number of Hydrogeologists, graduates of our University are actively working in the oil and gas industry of Ukraine.
In accordance with the programs of specialization “Oil and gas hydrogeology” in the Department of hydrogeology teaches the following courses:

  • Hydrogeology of oil and gas fields
  • Geothermics of oil and gas fields
  • Hydrogeological research in development of hydrocarbon fields
  • Neftegazopromyslovy Geology and hydrogeology
  • Unconventional sources of hydrocarbons