Information about the election of the rector

1) Elections are held by secret ballot, which is carried out on May 26, 2021, from 9 to 15 o’clock in the premises of the University. Precinct Election Commission No. 1 in the educational building, Freedom Square, 4.
2) have the right to participate in elections:
• every scientific, scientific-pedagogical and pedagogical staff member of the University;
• representatives from among other staff members, elected by the respective employees through direct secret elections;
• elected representatives from among students (cadets) who are elected by students (cadets) by direct secret elections.
The criterion for assigning a full-time employee of the University to a certain category is the position at the main place of work held by such an employee at the University.

A staff member of the University who is on vacation at the time of the elections has the right to participate in the elections. If in a position that
is occupied by such a full-time employee, during his vacation (in cases stipulated by law) there is another person, she also has the right to participate in elections.
3) Identity documents upon receipt of a ballot paper for the election of the rector of V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University are:
– Ukrainian passport;
– passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad;
– temporary certificate of a citizen of Ukraine;
– driver’s license;
– national passport of a foreign citizen;
– a foreigner’s passport for traveling abroad;
– migrant card;
– refugee certificate;
– certificate of a participant in hostilities;
– certificate of a disabled war;
– certificate of a participant in the war;
– pensioner’s ID;
– certificate of a labor veteran;
– student ticket;
– record book;
– other documents that have a series and / or number, seal, signature of an official and a photograph of the owner.

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