Vitaly V. Samoilov 

Associate Professor of the Department of Hydrogeology (part-time), Candidate of Geological Sciences.

Works head. sector of hydrogeological and gas-geochemical studies UkrNIIgaz. In 1998 he graduated from Kharkov State University, Faculty of Geology and Geography, specialty “Hydrogeology”.

In 2010 he defended his thesis on the specialty “Hydrogeology”: “Industrial hydrogeological conditions of operation and their impact on the tightness of underground gas storage facilities in the Dnieper-Donets artesian basin”.

He teaches courses “Ecological hydrogeochemistry”, “Oil and gas field geology”, “Hydrogeology of oil and gas fields”.
Scientific activity – aimed at justifying thermobaric conditions in the exploration of oil and gas fields; studies of industrial and hydro-geological conditions of hydrocarbon deposits and the state of water-well and deposits; evaluation of the tightness of wells and deposits; the definition of plane-vertical distribution of the boundary between the hydrogeological floors in the Dnieper-Donetsk artesian basin.

Author of more than 40 scientific publications.



Voronin Aleksei Alekseevich

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Basic Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, Institute of Earth Sciences, Belgorod State University.
In 2005 he graduated from Kharkiv National University. VNKarazin specialty “Engineering geology and hydrogeology.” In the same year he entered and currently works at the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for the drainage of mineral deposits, the protection of engineering structures from flooding, special mining, geomechanics, geophysics, hydraulic engineering, geology and surveying (). Belgorod).
The main activity is associated with scientific, design and survey work at the mining complex in the field of protection of mine workings from groundwater and mining hydrogeology. He carried out the scientific substantiation and development of projects at the facilities of OJSC SUEK, OJSC Mechel, CJSC UK Petropavlovsk, AK ALROSA, deposits of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (KMA), PAO Severstal, PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, PJSC Pole “and others.
Currently, he is engaged in the analysis of modern world experience and research with the aim of developing and implementing an innovative method of drainage of mineral deposits using inclined horizontal drainage wells drilled from the surface using horizontal directional drilling (HDD) technology and technology.
He is an active participant in scientific conferences and symposia. In co-authorship published 21 scientific papers, is a co-author of two patents.
In 2012, following the results of the XIII All-Russian contest “Engineer of the Year 2012”, he was awarded the title of winner of the first round of the contest “Engineering of the Young” in the category Mining and Underground Construction.
In 2015, following the results of the 16th All-Russian contest “Engineer of the Year 2015”, he was awarded the title Laureate of the contest “Engineer of the Year” according to the version “Professional Engineers” in the category Mining and Underground Construction.
In 2016, he defended his thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences in the specialty “Mining and oil and gas and gas geology, geophysics, surveying and subsurface geometry” on the topic “Hydrogeological substantiation and development of ways to drain the sides of quarries using horizontal drainage wells.”
He teaches the courses “Introduction to the specialty” and “Drilling special wells.”


Bondarchuk Georgy Valerevich
Chief Specialist, Engineering Geology Department, State Enterprise “Ukrainian Institute of Engineering and Technical Surveys for Construction” (State Enterprise “UKRIINTR”)
It seems the distant year 2014, difficult for the country, difficult for immigrants, graduation of masters from the Department of Hydrogeology. Who will hire a student hydrogeologist without work experience? How can a graduate find a job? Such questions arose before each of the graduates of this period. However, the native department takes care of its graduates and, if possible, seeks and offers them a job. It was the same this time. The department organized a meeting with representatives of the enterprise “Yristovsky GOK” (Gorishnye Smooth Poltava region). Thanks to the recommendations of the Department of Hydrogeology among many comers, V. Bondarchuk was agreed to the position of geologist at the “Yristovsky GOK”. The young specialist was provided with a dormitory and for the next two years he worked at this enterprise. He performed geological support of the production process (controlled work in the quarry), carried out various types of testing of iron ore, surveyed ledges, worked with a GPS device, participated in planning and controlled monthly and daily mining, calculated and predicted the quality indicators of iron ore, issued recommendations on mixing ores. During this time, a great production experience was gained. Qualitatively obtained education provided an opportunity in two years to grow up to the acting head of the geological department at the quarry and a hydrogeologist of the part-time enterprise.
In 2017 Bondarchuk G.V. got a job in the engineering geology department of the GP “UKRIINTER” (Kiev) as the head of the cameral group. Over two years of work, thanks to perseverance and hard work, he was finalized to the chief specialist of the department and actually performed the functions of the head of the department. Over the period of his work, he was the manager of more than 20 engineering-geological and hydrogeological projects. He worked not only in Kiev and the region, but also in the Donbass, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv and others. He organized the work of the department of engineering and geological surveys, conducted production and administrative documentation of the department, performed the functions of a project manager, led projects from the stage of concluding the contract to the full completion of work and closing acts of completed work (drafted contracts, negotiated with customers, concluded cost estimates, worked with contractors, decided on organizational, administrative and financial millet). In addition, he controlled and carried out a full cycle of engineering and geological surveys: starting from the development of a survey program and field work (well drilling, sampling, description), completing laboratory work (Geotechnical Laboratory) and completing a cameral work cycle and the like.
At the moment, Bondarchuk G.V. plans to engage in teaching and intends to write a dissertation.