Vitaly V. Samoilov 

Associate Professor of the Department of Hydrogeology (part-time), Candidate of Geological Sciences.

Works head. sector of hydrogeological and gas-geochemical studies UkrNIIgaz. In 1998 he graduated from Kharkov State University, Faculty of Geology and Geography, specialty “Hydrogeology”.

In 2010 he defended his thesis on the specialty “Hydrogeology”: “Industrial hydrogeological conditions of operation and their impact on the tightness of underground gas storage facilities in the Dnieper-Donets artesian basin”.

He teaches courses “Ecological hydrogeochemistry”, “Oil and gas field geology”, “Hydrogeology of oil and gas fields”.
Scientific activity – aimed at justifying thermobaric conditions in the exploration of oil and gas fields; studies of industrial and hydro-geological conditions of hydrocarbon deposits and the state of water-well and deposits; evaluation of the tightness of wells and deposits; the definition of plane-vertical distribution of the boundary between the hydrogeological floors in the Dnieper-Donetsk artesian basin.

Author of more than 40 scientific publications.